The Power Of Red: Styling Tips For Wearing This Classic Holiday Color

December is right around the corner which means it’s time to prepare stylish looks for the many parties and outings that come with the holidays. Of course, with minimalism a current trend, you may have considered choosing white, beige, cream, and other soft tones for your December wardrobe. But in doing so, you’ll be missing the opportunity to enjoy the power of red.

For your office’s end-of-the-year party or your family’s Christmas Eve dinner, step out looking bold and gorgeous in red attire. There is a reason it is a classic holiday color and we want you to explore its power this season. So here are styling tips for wearing red this holiday:

  • Glow In Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a fantastic way to wear all red this December without appearing garish. They are also the right blend of sophistication and comfort, which makes them dynamic for multiple occasions. You can wear your jumpsuit to your office party and then to a get-together with the girls, looking stunning each time. Wear the Lupita Jumpsuit with its silvery trims around the waist and hem for a festive look!

  • Be Chic In Red Blouses

Often when styling bold hues like red, less is more, so for December festivities, create ensembles with single red items like blouses. And no, not plain, button-up shirts. We’re talking about blouses with ruffles, snug silhouettes, and unique shoulders like the Emily Top. Complete this look with dark bottoms and heels, and once you shrug off your coat, no one in the room will be able to look away!

  • Bandage Dresses

Bandage dresses and Christmas should be synonymous at this point. Really, think about your favorite hallmark Christmas movie. Remember the scene where the couple finally goes on that special date? See how hot the heroine looks in her bandage dress? That can be you this holiday. Bandage dresses are designed to flatter and make you feel as good as you look. They are also easy to style since the dress does all the work; just slip on stilettoes and jewelry to complement it. Opt for a bandage dress in red and bring classy festivity into the hall.

  • Have Fun With Red

While some people fret about wearing too much red during the holidays, if you want, you can go all out and have fun with it! When done right, dressing in red and white looks beautiful. The Pacifica Pant Set is an arresting look that is perfect for the season. With white accessories, it’ll be a look to remember.

  • Go Metallic

The holiday season is all about shimmer and shine, so why not give this classic color a modern twist by wearing it in metallic tones? The Hailey Mini Dress presents a shade of red that isn’t gaudy but muted with an elegant design. It is perfect for formal events and a dress you can wear throughout the year.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your red-themed ensembles for the holiday and end the year looking striking.


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